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Welcome t​o Our Apprenticeship Program ​

This program is designed to allow graduate technicians to build knowledge and structural accuracy on preforming procedures to sharpen skill level outlined in the post support letter issued by instructor. That includes: hands on practicum, health and safety for model and student, stretching techniques, topically applied make up design (brow mapping) and application, pigment color selection and mixing ratios, needle selection, numbing, model (client) management and after care.

The purpose of this educational apprentice program is for our graduated students to gain valuable insight and experience. Build solid relationship within client and technician base. Student Technicians will sharpen skill level, build faster and precise accuracy. All student technician has gone through the entirety of basic fundamental course and is now recognized a certified artist.

The apprenticeship program is only offered to students that have completed the all the required one-on-one procedure with academy instructor or delegated master technician appointed. Technician must have completed the following procedures with a one-on-on clinical hands on procedure session with an NCHAPC instructor or master technician assigned to student. An 79% passing grade or more is required on final written exam, hands on practicum on skin pads and mannequin head. 


This online booking service is available to all graduated students who have moved into our Apprenticeship Program. Below is a link to our online calendar where you will be able to book yourself and your model.  



• Must have virgin skin. No previous cosmetic tattoo on procedure areas. You will be denied procedure if correctional procedure is needed (color or shape).

Eyeliner Make sure lash line is free of sty’s, lash extensions must be removed prior to procedure.

Lip Liner No dark colored or two-toned variegated lips. Those who have Herpes Simplex 1 (cold sores on outside of mouth) are required to see their doctor and pre-medicate a few days before procedure. Procedure will not be performed until proper medication is administered

• No birthmarks, moles, skin tags, dermatitis -itchy, red, scaly, rashed skin in procedure area

• No pacemaker for irregular heartbeat or heart problems.

• Diabetes type 2 or Hemophilia

•  Pregnant or nursing women do not qualify for PMU

If any of these occur due to non-pre approval by academy instructor or master technician, Apprentice will lose her/his appointment for that day. No refunds or make up will be issued to apprentice.

We trust that you will schedule accordingly.

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