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Model Sign Up

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Our Top Certified Micro-Pigmentation Graduated students are open for appointments at a fraction of the cost. 

Take advantage of this special pricing. 

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NC Academy Welcomes all men and women!

We are now offering an apprentice program for our top graduates to build their clientele and enhance their skill level. This program works tremendously with a constant flow of model participation. Because of the wide variety of techniques and procedures we teach, these are the procedures that are offered.


-Micro-blading -Feathering -Powder Brows -Powder Ombre

-Combination Brow (Micro-Blading/Powder)


-Lash Enhancer (thin liner at the base of the eyelashes -Basic Eyeliner


-Lip Liner

Contact Edine @ 808-220-4920 text or call

Want to be a model?

At Nouveau Contour Hawaii Academy, our graduate technicians are focused to customize and enhance each individuals unique personal preference in selecting your procedure of choice. Knowledgable in skin types, personal preferences focused on enhancing your natural beauty,

clients concerns and needs are met in order to assure that you as a model are satisfied

with your results. Our instructors will take your information and make professional suggestions to what procedure would most appropriately fit you and your lifestyle.

What will disqualify me in becoming a m​odel?

Previously done permanent make up

 Our graduates are highly educated and capable of performing permanent makeup procedures.

*If you have had previously done PMU and are pleased with the shape and color, just looking for refresh or retouch? Please feel free to come in for a quick consult to see if you qualify. We would love to see you!


The state of Hawaii require individuals to be at least 18 years of age. 

Dermatitis / Skin Conditions

Individuals who have psoriasis, rashes, severe acne, eczema, blisters, moles and large skin tags 

located in procedural areas 

Pregnant or Nursing

 all procedures students will be using epinephrine & topical anesthetic. Both of these compounds are applied to open skin allowing into the bloodstream may resulting in exposure to baby.

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If you are unsure if you qualify to be a model please text or call 808-220-4920 before booking. Consultations, evaluations, and pictures may be requested through out all stages of the model process.   

Model fee is $130 Per Procedure

Have Questions about Model Sign Up? 

What procedure do you desire?*
Desired student or technician's name:
Please text send clear picture of area ( face or body) in bright light, no make up or filter to 808-220-4920. Contraindications: 1.pregnant or nursing baby 2. Singles or herpies symplex 1 (cold sore around mouth or face) 3. Insulin diabetic 4. Heart problems- pacemaker 5. Glaucoma (eyeliner procedure) Thank you for submiting you information. We want you to have the best experience possible with no complications. We will be getting back to you with in 24 hours. Sincerely, Nouveau Contour Hawaii Academy of Micropigmentation
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All of the technicians who participate in the apprenticeship program have completed the basic fundamental course, achieved satisfactory clinical hands on standard procedure in course curriculum. Have successfully graduated with a B or higher in course tests and materials. The apprenticeship program is made up of bright and readily prepared individuals . All student technicians will perform procedures independently overseen by our instructors and staff to insure the highest level comfort and OHSA and State of Hawaii Board of Health regulations for your utmost safety and client care. 

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Aiea Medical Building 

99-128 Aiea Heights Drive

Aiea, Hawaii 96701


9710 W. Tropicana Ave.

Las Vegas, NV 89147


or Text us